QARC Plug-in Update


Mark Wilson

10 August 2017 at 5:27

Firstly I would like to start this blog post by thanking all loyal subscribers to Q-ARC. Most of you will be aware we have changed our name from ARC to QARC for international naming reasons. What most of you won’t be aware of is the extent of developments that we have been working on in the background.

In addition to lots of new families we have primarily been working on developing a better and simpler delivery portal for QARC. To that end we have employed a coder to create a plug-in add on to Revit. I imagine most of you will be familiar with the Caroma, USG Boral and Dulux plug-ins and possibly the Cadgroup XT and 3DS add ons. The QARC plug-in will also reside on the Revit plug-in ribbon on your main screen. Everything once located on Dropbox will now be located on the cloud and accessible at the click of a button. Vignettes of every component will permit visual confirmation of the selection.

This will mean the families can be instantly and constantly updated (by us) with no more need to use and update through Dropbox. I am pleased to say we are just about to launch the alpha version of the QARC plug-in for in house testing. All current subscribers (prior to launch) will receive a Beta copy of the plug-in and portal as part of your subscription benefit. That is our way of thanking you for your continued support.

The QARC plug-in will make access to the Revit environment quicker and seamless. You will not have to go to another window in order to find what you need. The QARC ribbon will allow us to add other exciting features in the future. Autodesk has developed a new product called Dynamo which we are hoping will allow us to automate even more aspects of Revit.

We are hoping the new QARC app will lead to an increase in subscribers permitting us to spend more time developing QARC even further. We are considering changing to a periodic subscription (possibly monthly) once the plug-in is activated. Access to the portal will only be available to current subscribers for no additional cost. In fact in exchange for being a Beta tester we will not increase your subscription cost for 3 years.

The future is exciting. Watch this space.

Here is a photo of the full QARC Development Team, from today’s strategy meeting.

L to R standing – Mark Wilson, Julie Welch, Andrew Beaman.

L to R sitting – Glenn Bond, Justin Brown, Peter Latemore, Kaylene Richardson.


Mark Wilson,

QARC Marketing Master

Mark’s official role at QARC is Developing and Marketing. As an everyday user of QARC in his own Architectural practice, he is passionate about improving and developing the system. Mark believes the major benefit to all designers that QARC can deliver is the ability to initially present a good design and ultimately better documentation.

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