QARC4Revit is a support system for Architects and Building Designers who use Autodesk Revit©

QARC4Revit + BIMLocker boosts a practice’s ability to produce quality design, documentation and saves your practice time and money. It is a Plug-in sitting wholly within the Revit environment.

The QARC4Revit Premium system makes it possible for every Revit user to efficiently model and consistently produce quality documentation.

What is included?

  • Our ARChetype template assists you and your practice into advanced application of the documentation side of Revit.
  • ARChetype has all sheets, legends, schedules, symbols, annotations, linestyles, dimstyles etc pre-loaded for immediate application.
  • Views are all pre-set and loaded onto sheets.  Everything looks right.
  • Notes to the side of each sheet informs how to use that sheet well.
  • Highly functional Titleblocks in your style, which have rotatable north points and switchable scale bars.
  • Check sheets to ensure all team members apply drafting principles to ensure QA protocols.
  • A companion for easy reference to the finer details about the QARC4Revit system.
  • 11,000+ Quality content made for Australia/NZ conditions, with BIM information, materials and assets, delivered direct to project from the cloud.
  • The content includes extra annotation items like text, dimensions, hatches.
  • WORLD FIRST! The QARC4Revit plug-in can deliver System Families – walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, railings, stairs – complete with assets and materials.
  • Tips & Tricks, from within Revit that give you extra methodologies to understand how to use it smarter.

Why is it valuable?

  • The QARC4Revit system was developed over many years by Design industry professionals who know what a Design and Documentation team need to achieve from their software.
  • The template system would cost over AUS$70,000 in house to set up, and you benefit from years of learning and expertise.
  • Having an effective template is crucial to any practice seeking to streamline workflows and become more profitable.
  • This template is fool proof and with the on-sheet notes & check sheets, ensures continuity across your practice, and teaches your junior staff how to use Revit effectively.
  • The QARC4Revit template dovetails with the content delivered from the cloud to respond to schedules.
  • QARC content is delivered with materials and assets to correctly populate schedules and for rendering.
  • The whole system saves each user around 2 hours every day. It pays for itself in under 1 month.

How does BIMLocker fit into this?

  • BIMLocker is our unique content system, made available to you so you can populate your own library, any way you like.
  • It comes in 4 versions, Explorer (free), Personal, Workgroup and Enterprise.  These range from straightforward & personal, through shared content, to a full BIM Manager version.
  • Check out the range in I WANT QARC.
  • PREMIUM + comes with BIMLocker Personal.

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