QARC4Revit is a support system for Architects and Building Designers who use Autodesk Revit©

It boosts a practices ability to produce quality design, documentation and saves your practice time and money. It is a Plug-in sitting wholly within the Revit environment.

The QARC4Revit Premium system makes it possible for every Revit user to efficiently model and consistently produce quality documentation.

What is included?

  • Our ARChetype template projects a user into advanced application of the documentation side of Revit
  • ARChetype has all sheets, legends, schedules, symbols, annotations, linestyles, dimstyles etc pre-loaded for immediate application
  • Notes to the side each sheet inform the user how to use that sheet well
  • Highly functional Titleblocks in your style, which have rotatable north points and switchable scale bars
  • Check sheets to ensure all team members apply drafting principles to ensure QA protocols
  • A companion for easy reference to the finer details about the QARC4Revit system
  • 9000+ Quality content made for Australia/NZ conditions, with BIM information, materials and assets, delivered direct to project from the cloud
  • WORLD FIRST! The QARC4Revit plug-in can deliver System Families – walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, railings, stairs – complete with assets and materials.

Why is it valuable?

  • The QARC4Revit system was developed over many years by Design industry professionals who know what a Design and Documentation team need to achieve from their software
  • The template system would cost over $40,000 in house to set up, and you benefit from years of learning and expertise
  • Having an effective template is crucial to any practice seeking to streamline workflows and become more profitable
  • This template is fool proof and with the check sheets, ensures continuity across your practice, and teaches your junior staff how to use Revit effectively
  • The QARC4Revit template dovetails with the content delivered from the cloud to respond to schedules
  • QARC content is delivered with materials and assets to correctly populate schedules and for rendering
  • The whole system saves each user around 2 hours every day. It pays for itself in under 1 month

Clear and complete documentation is the key to communicating your design


You need to communicate your design ideas and intent to clients, specialist consultants and construction professionals. QARC4Revit makes it possible for every Revit user to produce quality documentation. QARC Systems has created Australia’s first wholistic software plug-in to Revit, that delivers BIM content via the cloud, direct to the project. This is the only system worldwide that can deliver System Families direct to a project with all materials, from within the Revit interface. All BIM content created by QARC Systems is developed to populate schedules in the ARChetype template, saving you time. The ARChetype is a ‘template’ and a toolbox for your project documentation. It’s extensive collection of sheets pre-populated with views, legends and schedules, coupled with custom title blocks and comprehensive elements & family libraries enhance the ability of Revit users to produce consistent, high quality documentation.

Top reasons people buy QARC systems


Quality Documentation

The QARC ARChetype template has been developed by industry professionals to assist you in producing high-quality documentation


Increased Efficiency

With the QARC ARChetype template, you will document faster, saving time and money

qarc-icon-Office Standard

Maintain Office Standards

The ARChetype sets a consistent standard to the documentation produced in your office


Comprehensive Libraries

QARC4Revit Plug-in delivers exceptional BIM content direct to the project from within Revit using Drag+Drop technology from the cloud


Evolving Product

QARC4Revit is regularly updated to reflect changes within the industry and new manufacturer's content is added continuously



We are dedicated to providing assistance to you through clear user manuals, blog updates and timely response to queries

QARC is fully compatible


QARC remains compatible at least three versions behind current Revit release. The QARC4Revit plug-in can be hosted by Revit, but not RevitLT

QARC4Revit components


BIM content

We provide an extensive library of QARC generic content and a growing library of content from product suppliers, delivered direct to project from the cloud using drag+drop technology.



The ARChetype

The ARChetype is a Revit template which has been prepared so that you can start modelling and reduce the time you spend documenting.




QARC4Revit Premium comes with many standardised Titleblocks for you to choose from or we will customize for a fee.




BIMLocker is your content library within the unique QARC Content Browser, utilizing our Drag+Drop technology, sitting wholly within the Revit interface.


1. BIM content

As designers, one of your pet hates is searching for useable BIM content and bringing that into your project. The team at QARC Systems is dedicated to creating elements that work: families that are useable and flexible; BIM content that comes with required information; content that renders as it should. As architects and designers, we understand your needs. That is why we created QARC4Revit, with a delivery system that provides that content within the Revit environment.  QARC4Revit provides you with a generic library of 9000+ families and system families.  Our ARChetype template responds to this professional content, reflecting reality and has BIM information attached.  It is our mission to help you document better, design better and save you time. We are in constant contact with Manufacturers with the intent of creating their BIM products which we will provide free of charge to the BIM community, but which will have added benefit to QARC subscribers as the content will automatically schedule in the pre-formatted tables within the ARChetype.


2. The ARChetype

The ARChetype is a Revit template file, acting as a full toolbox, with all sheets and views prepared.  You simply start modelling and documenting is occurring.

All line styles, hatches, dimension styles, text styles are all prepared.

Notes on each sheet give you hints on how to use each one.  There are 37 How-To videos and comprehensive Companion.

Click on the arrows to see a few examples.

QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype


QARC ARChetype



3. Titleblocks

The ARChetype becomes your own in style by simply inserting Titleblocks.  We provide 16 choices of Standardised Titleblocks – Click here for more detail

The ARChetype has been designed to change its look completely, by the insertion of these Titleblocks.  There are both horizontal and vertical Titleblocks so you can switch as needed to suit the sheet content.  ARChetype has cover Titleblocks, and even a minimal one for showing a consultant’s drawing.

For a fee we will provide Customised Titleblocks.


4. BIMLocker

BIMLocker is your own content library of favourites.  It adds a personal folder to our unique QARC Content Browser.  Using the BIMLocker Manager, you can upload almost anything that Revit contains, similar to how the Browser already operates.  Things like families & system families, through to detail items and drafting views, even schedules.

The BIMLocker Manager allows you to arrange your content in any way you prefer, like File Explorer.  We are creating a folder structure similar to our 9000+ QARC Library, so you can follow the same taxonomy.

The higher version of BIMLocker is designed for a BIM Manager in charge of many Revit users in a practice.  They can completely control the folder structure, who has rights of access & editing, and more.

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