Save Hours a Day with our Comprehensive Toolkit for Autodesk Revit. QARC4Revit is a plug-in, with time saving & complete Revit Template, and a unique Content Delivery System. Comes in free and paid options.
In paid versions there are over 7,000 families & system families, with loads of generic and growing manufacturer content. The ARChetype Revit template is the most extensive available in the world.

Note: RevitLT cannot host plug-ins


Our mission at QARC Systems is to enhance the documentation services to the Australian and New Zealand markets. We are building a communal library of Autodesk Revit ® content and providing a comprehensive Revit template system framework under which Design practices can:

  • Access professional BIM content for Autodesk Revit ®
  • Drag and drop Autodesk Revit ® families direct to project from the cloud
  • Use Autodesk Revit ® more efficiently
  • Improve your ROI (return on investment) from Autodesk Revit ®
  • Quality assures your documentation across your office
  • Teach your junior staff how to properly apply Autodesk Revit ®

QARC4 Revit provides everything you need in one place:

  • a universal template for any size project – that means no set up is required so you can start on a project immediately.
  • 8000 generic families (most parametric) and don’t bloat the template – all cloud based and dragged and dropped directly into the project instantly only when required
  • several manufacturer specific families available directly using our plug in – so no searching or registration or downloading or upgrading to current version.
  • over 300 sheets are all set up to populate automatically (with multiple layers and graphics overridden) you just model on the working views.
  • all title blocks created with 17 scales bars and north (and true north) point orientations – selected by check boxes.
  • true north and project north sheets set up, so sun angles work even when drawing sheets are rotated
  • annotations and tags and symbols and text types options
  • existing and demolition sheets set up with phasing.
  • Town planning sheets set up with site cover GFA shadow diagrams etc.
  • proforma sustainability safety in design and detail sheets
  • how to use QA instructions on each sheet
  • direct link to manual from within Revit
  • 32 instructional videos

The plug-in on first installation is the FREE version.