QARC4Revit Plug-in – How to use it

These short videos introduce the QARC4Revit Plug-in. They run for a few minutes each. In total there is about two hour’s worth. Essentially, they emulate our training session if we were presenting directly to you. To return to this page, click on the Training icon in the QARC menu ribbon of Revit.

The first couple of videos introduce the system and the plug-in’s menu.

The next twenty or so describe the many features of the ARChetype – our template. The videos are based on the Premium version of the ARChetype.

The last twelve or so, fully describe the plug-in’s Browser, and its considerable content library.  That library has free generic content, manufacturer items, available to all.  The QARC library in the browser is available to both Premium+ and Premium users.

These videos are introductory and we recommend that you also read the Companion, which is available by clicking on the Companion button in the QARC menu Bar.

QARC4Revit Intro 01

Splash screen New project

This video describes how QARC4Revit first loads with its splashscreen. It moves onto how you begin a project by using the New menu button.

QARC4Revit Intro 02


The QARC4Revit menu is introduced in this video. It explains how the Browser is activated by opening a project.

QARC4Revit Intro 03

Titleblocks & Keynotes

The ARChetype becomes your own template, by loading in your Titleblocks and this video shows you this. It describes how we supply a keynotes file to you.

QARC4Revit Intro 04

Overall Parameters Plus North

We introduce all the added high level project parameters within the ARChetype. The sophisticated North points within the Titleblocks are Shown and how you operate them.

QARC4Revit Intro 05


The QARC Titleblocks, in addition to sophisticated North points, also have selectable scalebars. Their use is described in this video.

QARC4Revit Intro 06


Each sheet within the ARChetype has sets of notes to the right that guide you in how that sheet is populated and how you use the sheet and its views and items.

QARC4Revit Intro 07


The ARChetype follows best industry standards and one of these is the use of separation between working views and presentation views on sheets. This video describes these views.

QARC4Revit Intro 08


Arrangement of views in Revit can be quite varied with the ARChetype adopting the method of “Not on Sheets”. This video describes the system.

QARC4Revit Intro 09


The Sheet section of the Revit Project Browser can be highly sophisticated. The ARChetype uses this functionality extensively. Watch the video to understand it all.

QARC4Revit Intro 10


The ARChetype is built with sets of levels, all prearranged. This video showcases all this.

QARC4Revit Intro 11

Sea Level

A good template depends upon the use of a level set to zero, or Sea Level. The video explains it.

QARC4Revit Intro 12


This video introduces the many annotations available in the ARChetype. For a full expose please refer to the Companion.

QARC4Revit Intro 13


A video showcasing how the ARChetype uses the power of Revit to reduce your drafting time. Overlaying views is one of these methods.

QARC4Revit Intro 14


All projects have to relate to true levels above sea level, in Australia it is AHD. As such, you will need to reposition levels in the project, and the elevated views. This video goes through this.

QARC4Revit Intro 15


This video shows you how to begin modelling in the ARChetype, by removing the ‘dummy’ items and placing walls and a roof.

QARC4Revit Intro 16


QARC4Revit makes available to you a sophisticated system of fully finishing a roof, with its fascias, gutters, cappings and valleys. Watch to see how.

QARC4Revit Intro 17

Windows Plugin

This video introduces the QARC4Revit Browser, as part of showing you how to place windows in your model.

QARC4Revit Intro 18

View Templates

The ARChetype follows best practice by providing you with extensive View Templates. You can start new views and quickly have them working well by watching this video.

QARC4Revit Intro 19

Issue Systems+Revisions

Here at QARC Systems we have adopted the best method of how to issue and revise your documentation. Watch to understand it and we recommend you also read the Companion.

QARC4Revit Intro 20

Plan Regions

Watch this video to understand how plan regions are used in many plan views of the ARChetype. A lot of view region control becomes available to you.

QARC4Revit Intro 21

Schedules Overall

We introduce the many schedules in the ARChetype, in this video. Please watch before the next videos. We recommend you also read the Companion.

QARC4Revit Intro 22

Area Schedules

The ARChetype has a several area schemes, and schedules based on those schemes. Watch this to learn about them all.

QARC4Revit Intro 23

WinDoor Schedules

A video showing you how the window and door schedules are pre-arranged in the ARChetype. It also mentions legend and keyplan views.

QARC4Revit Intro 24

Master Project File

This video branches away from the ARChetype and Browser. It describes how we suggest you build a master project file.

QARC4Revit Intro 25

Browser01 Intro

This is the first of several videos showcasing the QARC4Revit Browser. This one introduces it and how you access and manipulate it.

QARC4Revit Intro 26

Browser02 Free Content

The Free library of QARC content is described here. The Free portion provides free content that we have gathered and Manufacturers’ items that will grow.

QARC4Revit Intro 27

Browser03 QARC Library Introduction

The QARC Library portion of the QARC4Revit Browser is introduced in this video.

QARC4Revit Intro 28

Browser04 Dimensions

This video shows how you can select a dimension type from the browser, and immediately use it in your project.

QARC4Revit Intro 29

Browser05 Hatches

Watch to see how easy it is to Drag+Drop a Hatch (filled region) from the QARC4Revit browser into a view.

QARC4Revit Intro 30

Browser06 Text

Just like dimensions, you can select a text type from the browser, and immediately use it in your project

QARC4Revit Intro 31

Browser07 Doors

The QARC4Revit Browser has a very large and growing door library. Watch the video to see how easy it is to Drag+Drop a door into your project.

QARC4Revit Intro 32

Browser08 SystemFamilies

This video will show you how the QARC4Revit Browser provides you the ability to Drag+Drop system families into your project – a world first technology. System Families are things like rooves, walls and floors.

QARC4Revit Intro 33

Browser09 Gutters+Caps

Watch this to see how easy it is to Drag+Drop QARC gutters and end caps into the project.

QARC4Revit Intro 34

Browser10 Windows

Like Doors, view this to see how you can use the immense QARC Library of windows.

QARC4Revit Intro 35

Browser11 Metric Library

In this video you can see that QARC4Revit has included the entire Revit Metric Library in the browser, so you can simply grab items here.

QARC4Revit Intro 36

Browser12 Search

The final video for the QARC4Revit browser. This illustrates how easy it is to search for any item.