Peter Latemore


Peter is a multi-awarded Building Designer beginning his career in 1979.

During this long period, he developed an abiding interest in good documentation, starting with hand drafting, through AutoCAD, ultimately to Revit in 2004.  Since then Peter became a renowned expert in Revit.  As a life member of BDQ (Building Design Qld), Peter has run courses and given advice in the principles of the best documentation.

Along the way Peter realised most in the ‘architectural’ industry would benefit from a good template system that not only used the software platform to its ultimate, but also improved a practice’s quality of drawings.

As the Director of QARC Systems, Peter acts as general manager, overseeing all aspects.  His special expertise is centred on maintaining the ARChetype and Companion.  Peter shares with Mark Wilson doing presentations at showcase events of QARC.

Peter is also the Principal of his building design firm, Latemore Design.

0416 023 183

Mark Wilson

Developer & Advocate

As a sole practicing Architect since 1986, Mark has always been at the forefront of technical advancements in the Architectural Design industry.  He has moved from the Drawing Board through AutoCAD and various 3D packages to Revit in 2011.  Mark sees it as the ultimate design and documentation tool.  However, the steep learning curve made advances in 3D design were hamstrung by his requirements to produce quality drawings.

In 2012, the turning point was the fortunate meeting with Peter Latemore. Peter was working on a project to create a comprehensive system that would make Revit easily useable and be a great training tool and QA methodology.  Mark became the first customer, fast moving to be a partner.

As a significant member of the Queensland ASPG (Architect Small Practice Group) Mark saw the need for QARC in the industry and has been the conduit between Architects and QARC.

Mark is the greatest advocate of the QARC System using Revit more effectively every day. He is the principal tester and has been continually looking for ways to improve and develop the QARC system.  He saves several hours a day on his own projects, freeing up time to spend on better design.

Mark is happy to further discuss the virtues of QARC with Architects and Design professionals.

Mark’s Architectural practice: Architects Black and Wilson

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Glenn Bond

Plug-in Software Developer

Glenn and his team are the ‘brains’ behind the QARC Plug-in.

We found them via Mark’s interest in karate, as Glenn is also a master.  It was rather fortuitous, as we needed someone local, and could understand what we were trying to achieve with Revit.

Over several years, starting in 2015, we worked with Glenn and his team, gradually creating the beta version of  QARC4Revit.  This was tested with our existing stable of users, proving its worth resoundingly.  Since then, we have advanced QARC4Revit together, and in 2020 began the creation of BIMLocker.  During 2023 we added the idea of a Template Wizard, which we plan to be released during 2025.

CEO at Orbis Information Technologies

0408 156 740

Kaylene Richardson


Kaylene has been a building designer since 2007. She had changed career, moving from IT to building design, and has been with Latemore Design ever since.  Her fascination with the built environment is a real boost to both Latemore Design and QARC.  Like Andrew, she has assisted other design and architectural practices, gaining valuable knowledge of the whole industry.

Kaylene’s spends most of her time in Revit, taking projects from concept through design onto working drawings.  She is an acknowledged advanced expert in Revit, constantly improving her knowledge.

Kaylene is heavily involved in QARC4Revit, mainly responsible for the vast library of families and system families.  She has advanced the quality of these components, with all being remarkably flexible and parametric.  In addition, Kaylene influences every aspect of the ARChetype, being a very active user of it.

+61 7 3356 9051

Andrew Beaman


A mid-life change in career aspirations saw Andrew moving from a background in Social Sciences to Architectural Studies and ultimately to attain the position of Documenter with Latemore Design in 2007.

Till 2018, Andrew remained with Latemore Design, building a reputation as a solid Revit expert and documentation specialist.  His focus is to produce great drawings in as little time as possible.  He has been a documenter at several large architectural firms, and is currently drafting outsourcing lead for Ausco.  The latter experiences reinforced Andrew’s knowledge of what various design practices need.

Andrew has played an integral part in developing the whole system that is QARC, with a major focus on creating materials, content, and especially system families. He daily extols the application of the QARC System to anybody who will listen, knowing that the product saves users hours every day.

Andrew resolved many aspects of QARC, including our Legals, Security, and Funding.  He continues to provide support to QARC.

0432 684 853

Julie Welch

Office Manager

Julie has been working with Peter Latemore at Latemore Design as office manager since 2006.  When Andrew and Kaylene arrived a year later, it was obvious we had a team of highly skilled Revit users.  Quite often other Building Designers and Architects would ring the office looking for help with Revit and documentation using Peter’s expertise.

We then realised there was a need for a template to provide not only high standard and uniform documentation, but an easier use of the program.  Along with Mark, a local architect, we formed the company QARC Systems.

Our vision is to provide all those in the design and architectural industries a means to provide their clients with high quality documentation saving time and money.

Along with managing the administration of QARC, Julie enjoys liaising the many aspects of support needed.

+617 3356 9051