BIM content

We deliver Revit content direct to your project from the cloud using our unique Drag+Drop technology.  PREMIUM has a very large library of generic content, with Free EXPLORER having some content to trial. There is a growing library of free content from product suppliers.

As designers, one of your pet hates is searching for useable BIM content and bringing that into your project. As architects and designers, we understand your needs and created QARC4Revit, with a delivery system that provides good content within the Revit environment.  The QARC team is dedicated to creating elements that work:

  • PREMIUM has a generic library of 12,000+ (& growing) families and system families.
  • Families that are useable and flexible.
  • You will document better, design better and save time.
  • BIM content that comes with required information.
  • Content that renders as it should.
  • Our ARChetype template responds to this professional content.
  • Our unique Drag+Drop brings materials to your C: drive.
  • System families even include Text, Dimensions & Hatches.
  • Roof Cappings, another system family, are provided.
  • Drafting views & detail items are in the Browser.
  • All this ensures your project file stays clean.



Here are some selected views of the QARC Content Browser, illustrating how it looks and is organised.

It is a fully dockable window that you can place anywhere within the Revit interface, even ‘behind’ others, like Properties, as you see in the images.

Many users place it on their second screen, along with the Project Browser and Properties.

A full listing of the content is below.

We provide some Manufacturers’ content free of charge to the BIM community, and growing.

QARC4Revit CONTENT Listing

At right you can see sample pages from our 33 page PDF that lists out the QARC4Revit Premium 12,000+ content library.

All our library items are tested and where appropriate are fully parametric.

Click on the image to bring to screen that full PDF.

As a subscriber you may want to download it for reference purposes.

You can see from this listing just how comprehensive the QARC4Revit library really is.  Just some:

  • 380 Annotations (Including our WeatheRoses)
  • 120 Appliances
  • 1500 Exterior Doors
  • 400 Entourage items
  • 120 Dimension Styles (Yes, in our browser!)
  • 150 Floors (Yes, System Families are Drag+Drop)
  • 470 Furniture items
  • 150 Hatches (Filled Regions)
  • 250 Plumbing Fixtures
  • 200 Railings
  • 700 Roofs
  • 1500 Roof Cappings (Better looking roofs)
  • 500 Gutters & End Caps
  • 200 Structural items (Yes, Trusses even)
  • 220 Text Styles
  • 680 Walls (Yes, more System Families)
  • 1870 Windows