Click on the EXPLORER Box to Run the Installer for the Free QARC4Revit Plug-In.

QFRInstaller.msi will appear in your Downloads folder. Run that file to install QARC4Revit.

It is best to close Revit prior to installing QARC4Revit.

What happens next:

  • Run Revit.
  • Up pops the QARC4Revit Sign-In box.

  • On first run, select Create an Account.  (On later runs, fill in your email (username) & password, tick Remember Me.)
  • You are taken to BigCommerce, our POS, the Account page.  If not, go to the Big Commerce Accounts page.
  • Fill in the Account form.  You are not charged anything. Submit.
  • You’ll receive a verification email, and then you’ll be re-directed to our Introduction page.
  • Run Revit again, and you have QARC4Revit!

You can increase entitlements by purchasing the products at Our POS – Big Commerce.


Installing the plug-in from here is the FREE version.

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