BIMLocker is your own content library of favourites. Using the BIMLocker Manager, you can upload almost anything that Revit contains, similar to how the Browser already operates.  Things like families & system families, through to detail items and drafting views, even schedules.

The BIMLocker Manager allows you to arrange your content in any way you prefer, like File Explorer.  We include a pre-set folder structure that you can use, similar to the big QARC Library, so you can follow the same taxonomy.  Like the big library you can even add icons to the folders.

  • BIMLocker Personal adds a personal folder to our unique QARC Content Browser.
  • BIMLocker Workgroup does similar to Personal, but it can be shared across your whole practice.
  • BIMLocker Enterprise, a higher version, is designed for a BIM Manager in charge of many Revit users in a practice.  They can completely control the folder structure, who has rights of access & editing, and more.
  • BIMLocker Explorer is a limited free version for Explorer users to test out BIMLocker.



Here is BIMLocker Personal, with BIMLocker Manager and the resultant locker in the QARC Browser.