Mark Wilson Talks

Transitioning to 3D CAD – Systems & Solutions

Mark Wilson, QARC Partner, gave a talk to a Lean-in session for the Australian Institute of Architects.  As an Architect with 40 years experience he shared his 30 year journey transitioning from the drawing board to full 3D Building Information Modelling. He discusses the potential difficulties, and looks at the opportunities and the importance of BIM systems in the future.

Watch it and see if you can transition to full 3D BIM too, by using the power of QARC4Revit in your practice.  There is a fascinating Q+A at the end.

QARC Talks to Architects

Transitioning to 3D CAD – Practical Demonstration

Mark Wilson, Peter Latemore & Kaylene Richardson, gave a live presentation of how good BIM systems work in practice for the Australian Institute of Architects.  There are lots of Q+A at the end.

This was a follow-up to Mark Wilson’s sharing his transitioning from the drawing board to 3D Building Information Modelling. Many of the attendees wanted to see a live demonstration. This live session demonstrates how to quickly model and document using QARC systems: plug-in for Revit; 350 sheets template; 11,000 families; on sheet instructions. Every stage of the design and documentation process is demonstrated: Pre-Design; Sketch Design; Developed Design; Working Drawings. 

Why Use QARC?

  • If you are an Australian Designer or Architect and want Australian families for your project to support Australian manufacturing.
  • If you have left a larger practice with a BIM manager and now must replace all the resources the bigger company supplied.
  • If you want to standardize your systems so you can share staff within the office or with other practices.
  • If you have always managed projects in the office but now want to look at designing on the computer and communicate with remote staff.
  • If your clients demand 3D models for communication and facility management.
  • If you want to leverage IT to make more money charging for extra features that are easy to supply (perspectives, sun studies, axos, area take offs etc).
  • If you want to make changes to every drawing instantly by simply altering the model.
  • If you want to survive in the 21st Century.

Top reasons people buy QARC systems


Quality Documentation

The QARC ARChetype template has been developed by industry professionals to assist you in producing high-quality documentation


Increased Efficiency

With the QARC ARChetype template, you will document faster, saving time and money

qarc-icon-Office Standard

Maintain Office Standards

The ARChetype sets a consistent standard to the documentation produced in your office


Comprehensive Libraries

QARC4Revit Plug-in delivers exceptional BIM content direct to the project from within Revit using Drag+Drop technology from the cloud


Evolving Product

QARC4Revit is regularly updated to reflect changes within the industry and new manufacturer's content is added continuously



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