Mark Wilson

13 September 2019 at 8:31

Who loves to create or edit families? Not me! There are people who love it and are way better at it than me. Personally, I think architectural building product manufacturers should create the families for us. Further I think they should make it easy for us to access them.

Seriously WHY should manufacturers and their Revit files

-be hard to find

-hard to access

-why should we have to register and have a password to access

-why are they delivered as .zip files

-why are they poorly named

-why do they have no materials or require manual mapping

-why are they not pre- assembled as system families so we don’t have to make them.

WE have been trying to establish WHY obtaining GOOD families is so hard.  Is it because Autodesk said you can’t drag and drop system families?  Using a library and previous project files is not efficient.  At QARC systems we worked out how to solve this problem. By default, we have also actually solved the bloated master template issue. Instead we can now start with a trim template and quickly and easily add what is required each time.

Check out this short U-Tube video on our channel which explains the current problems with many building products Revit files and how QARC4Revit can help solves the problem.  


I dream of a day when ALL building product manufacturers catch up. Can I ask you a favour? Let us help you. Please view the video and forward it to all Building Product Manufacturers so they get the message. Then we can get back to actually designing and producing drawings not families – unless of course you want to!

WHO would like to be able to use Decide Drag Drop and Design with your own Families especially your System family’s? The good news is we are currently working on a way to make this happen.

Go to our Facebook page and like it and we will let you know as soon as it is available.

While you are there click on the “I Want QARC” tab to download the FREE plugin QARC4Revit and begin accessing free BIM content and a simple template. Upgrade to the Premium or Professional template system to begin using Revit immediately. Preview the System here:


Mark Wilson,

QARC Marketing Master

Mark’s official role at QARC is Developing and Marketing. As an everyday user of QARC in his own Architectural practice, he is passionate about improving and developing the system. Mark believes the major benefit to all designers that QARC can deliver is the ability to initially present a good design and ultimately better documentation.

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