Safetyline Jalousie

A new dimension in louvre windows.  Extra wide spans up to 1.4m.  Inbuilt & Impenetrable security.  Seals with superior acoustic, wind & water performance.  Removable interior screens.

Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows are well known for challenging and overcoming the design, safety and security limitations of conventional louvre windows.

technal_logoDesigned and developed exclusively by Technal a division of the European giant Hydro, Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows have a long history of superior performance in commercial and residential buildings across the globe. They have been manufactured in Australia since 2009 by SMR Designs.

Safetyline Jalousie’s unique louvre windows will bring added value to your projects and offer unrivalled flexibility in your design options through unmatched performance ratings, strength, reliability and versatility.  Some of the performance advantages and benefits of Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows include:

  • Span of 1400mm wide, larger windows reduce perimeter framing and install time, hugely cost effective
  • Seals are air and water tight, with a Water Penetration Resistance of 800pa. Ideal for air-conditioned environments and strong wind load requirements such as high rise buildings.
  • Acoustic benefits are some of the highest ratings available.  Tested and confirmed sound reduction of 33Rw achieved with 6.38mm laminate and 6mm toughened glass and sound reduction of 35Rw achieved with Viridian 6.5mm VLam Hush glass.
  • Security is provided via the louvre bearer with a pull out force in excess of 550 kgs – Safetyline Jalousie Louvres can be left open with complete peace of mind
  • Balustrade compliant, perfect for floor-to-ceiling, multi-story, high-rise and balcony enclosures and winter gardens
  • Screening is provided internally and is easily removed for cleaning, eliminating the use of a permanent boxed out section, allowing greater cross flow ventilation, free flow air infiltration and natural light

So, as you can see, Safetyline Jalousie Louvre Windows are amongst the safest, strongest, widest, most functional and versatile louvre windows on the market.