QARC4Revit BIMLocker Advanced View Support


Peter Latemore

28 March 2022 at 2:26

QARC4Revit’s plug-in is being updated.  This the new Advanced View Support components for BIMLocker.  BIMLocker uploads will now include an advanced thumbnail with a more rendered look, and not the default Revit image.  This is in line with the main QARC Content Browser.

This update consists of both a core plugin update, as well as module updates for both. Users may encounter some minor difficulties with the updated modules until the core update is applied – our suggestion in these instances would be for people to select ‘yes’ at the update prompt, wait until Revit has fully started, close Revit, wait until the update extractor prompt shows up, and then restart Revit.

This the first update announcement.  Please click Yes.

When you shut down Revit, a dialogue box appears with a yellow top bar asking you to agree to an update when you next restart Revit.  Please click Yes.

Other improvements – BIMLocker now allows you to upload drafting views and schedules.

Lots more is happening with QARC4Revit.  Another announcement in due course.


Peter and the QARC team


Peter Latemore,

QARC Systems / Director & General Manager

As the Director of QARC Systems, Peter acts as general manager, overseeing all aspects. His special expertise is centered on maintaining the ARChetype and Companion. Peter is also the main presenter at showcase events of QARC.

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