Providing a Revit Project file to a Client


Peter Latemore

20 November 2013 at 10:18

As mentioned in our post “Exporting to CAD for Consultants like Engineers”, this post is about ARC’s suggested way to provide a Revit file to someone, if you must.

Firstly – Avoid It.

This is better, because however you do it, you’ll inevitably pass on some IP of ARC and your own.  Our agreements discourage passing it on, anyway.

Second – try to only transfer DWG versions.  Refer to a later blog post.

But, there could be a situation that requires it, eg, you may be asking someone to further develop a model.  If you pass on the original file to others, we require they also be an ARC user.

Here is our short list of how we’d do it –

The point of the exercise is to only transfer the ‘model’.

Hope this helps.

Happy Reviting and ARC use!


Peter Latemore,

QARC Systems / Director & General Manager

As the Director of QARC Systems, Peter acts as general manager, overseeing all aspects. His special expertise is centered on maintaining the ARChetype and Companion. Peter is also the main presenter at showcase events of QARC.

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