Migrating to Version 1.2 of the QARC4Revit Plug-in


Peter Latemore

21 October 2018 at 11:27

This is a revised copy of the email sent out to our valued users this week.

We are transitioning to a new Point-Of-Sale (POS) system as part of the process for officially launching the QARC4Revit plugin.


We are migrating our mechanism for user authentication and identification within the plugin from only A360 usernames to a more secure and reliable username-password methodology based around our new POS system.


The links come in two options:

To our POS, home page and click on Register in the top right.

OR direct to the create an account page.


The Create Account page looks like this:


Peter and QARC team


Peter Latemore,

QARC Systems / Director & General Manager

As the Director of QARC Systems, Peter acts as general manager, overseeing all aspects. His special expertise is centered on maintaining the ARChetype and Companion. Peter is also the main presenter at showcase events of QARC.

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