MANUFACTURER’S REVIT STORE and retrieving families – it is all about taxonomy


Mark Wilson

29 March 2019 at 9:11

TAXONOMY is how you structure and manage your family library.



Do I have to register first?

Do I have to await approval and get assigned a password?

That will not work if your email address changes!

Where are the Revit files?

Are they under technical?

Are they easy to find?

Is there a search function?

If they are not under technical where are they?

Are we supposed to intuitively know we have to go to products then click on the product to eventually find the download files?

Where do I put the zipped download?

I need to be able to find it again.

Does the designer have a good document management system in place?

Find the file and open it.

Wait for it to update and import it.

Is it really a family file or a model in place file?

Does it have assigned materials and textures?

Are they in a separate file – attached?

If available put these texture files in the right place for Revit to find them.

Many users would not know where to put these texture files.

Is the family parametric?

Are all sizes readily available or just one? 

Are all colours readily selectable?

No to any of these questions means the designer wastes their time doing what the manufacturer should have done. 

Model in place with no parameters is not the way to go.

Material libraries are required.

Fixtures should be hosted to an element.

Otherwise moving a wall will mean the fixture will be left hanging in mid air.

Compare this to the QARC Systems free plug-in delivery portal where manufacturers can have their products hosted.

Products can be:

  1. Searched
  2. Viewed
  3. Dragged
  4. dropped live into a current project
  5. with materials attached and
  6. links to web sites and technical data
  7. automatically tagged

The system families automatically start generating the boundaries.

Textures are automatically transferred into your root directory so you don’t have to do that manually.

All colour options are available without any manual changes and where appropriate materials are attached. 

CAD details cannot be imported directly in to Revit.

CAD had no universally accepted pen colours = thicknesses.

Revit has black lines and standard thicknesses.  

QARC allows direct links to web site PDF and 2D details. 

QARC saves designers/manufacturers reinventing the wheel.

The QARC plug-in is available on line FREE to everyone

CADGROUP is our selected BIM solutions provider of Revit and QARC go to


Mark Wilson,

QARC Marketing Master

Mark’s official role at QARC is Developing and Marketing. As an everyday user of QARC in his own Architectural practice, he is passionate about improving and developing the system. Mark believes the major benefit to all designers that QARC can deliver is the ability to initially present a good design and ultimately better documentation.

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