Mark Wilson

31 March 2021 at 10:35

By Mark Wilson

How Qarc4Revit solved this problem.

Due to the fact that Revit can stretch a profile but (apparently) not compress it I have had issue recently trying to put a metal (or any) fascia (or gutter) on a convex (segmented) curve.

I could get the QARC fascia gutters to work by making the roof a negative slope form the top down but then I could not create the fascia and gutter on the convex curve.

So the best work around I can figure out is to create the slope up roof and add fascia and gutter to lower (in this case) convex curve.

Then I replicated the roof and shortened the roof to a nominal run (50mm) with negative slope.

That will allow you to add a fascia to the convex (segmented) curve.

Naturally you will have to turn off the “extra” roof wherever you want to including in section.

QARC Systems QARC4Revit has hundreds of timber and complex and simplified metal fascias and gutters (and hips and valleys) already mapped to all the colorbond colours.

You simply preview select drag and drop and the run starts automatically.        

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Mark Wilson,

QARC Marketing Master

Mark’s official role at QARC is Developing and Marketing. As an everyday user of QARC in his own Architectural practice, he is passionate about improving and developing the system. Mark believes the major benefit to all designers that QARC can deliver is the ability to initially present a good design and ultimately better documentation.

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