Clear and complete documentation is the key to communicating your design

Throughout the design process there is a need to communicate your ideas and intent to clients, specialist consultants and construction professionals.

The QARC System makes it possible for every Revit user to efficiently and consistently produce quality documentation.

The ARChetype is a ‘template’ for your project documentation. It’s extensive collection of sheets pre-populated with views, legends and schedules, coupled with custom title blocks and comprehensive elements & family libraries enhance the ability of Revit users to produce consistent, high quality documentation.

QARC System Components

The ARChetype

The ARChetype is a Revit project / template which has been prepared so that you can start modelling and reduce the time you spend preparing to extract documentation.

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Customised Titleblocks

Titleblocks for cover, horizontal and vertical sheets are customised to meet your firm’s look.

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Family & Libraries

We provide an extensive library of QARC generic content, and a growing library of content from product suppliers.

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1. The ARChetype

The ARChetype is a Revit project / template which has been prepared so that you can start modelling and reduce the time you spend preparing to extract documentation.

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ARChetype Bracing Ply

ARChetype template includes

A comprehensive collection of sheets with appropriate views, legends and schedules already placed on them to save you time

A Sheet numbering system developed by Architects and Building Designers to ensure your documentation is complete

Standard annotation styles enabling you to set office standards

Text, Line, Dimension, Hatch styles, using common industry standards

Tags and Keynoting

Schedules including windows, doors, drawing lists, extensive area schedules, rooms

Calculation Schedules including Bracing and Cut & Fill, generated from the model

Material take-offs

General notes, Safety Notes and Sustainability notes as a guide to complete documentation

Pre-set levels with attached views enabling existing and new building manipulation

3D and Axonometric views prepared on sheets

Shadow plans and 3Ds prepared to display shadow diagrams at pre-set times

Sections and Elevations prepared and placed on sheets

Framing plans pre-configured to show various aspects of structure

Detail sheets with content which can be used or amended to suit your project

Useful information such as Ramp Slopes and Solar Angles to assist with the design process

View Templates for creating extra views

The QARC System includes check sheets developed by industry professionals with over 30 years of experience which are an invaluable QA tool.

The ARChetype has extensive instructional notes on every sheet, making the template easy to use, even for novice users. A comprehensive Companion acts as your help manual. We provide Tips and Tricks tutorials that will help you to get the most our of Revit.

2. Customised

Titleblocks for cover, horizontal and vertical sheets are
customised to meet your firm’s look.

3. Libraries

The team at QARC Systems is dedicated to creating elements that work, and families that are useable and flexible to save time for the user. As designers and architects ourselves, we understand your needs.

The QARC library has all the system families you could ever ask for, fully renderable. Walls, rooves, floors and more, that have extendable layers and come with important add-ons like roof sweeps.

Our families are created to suit documentation, which is what you need as a designer. There are loads of free families out there, but do they work properly? The QARC Systems team is dedicated to providing you with families that do work and are truly parametric.

We endeavour to meet your requests for new families as the need arises.

On top of families we have created, QARC Systems is building up content being made for product suppliers. This eliminates the need for you to go to the suppliers’ website when you require these families.

For REVIT LT users, we will be creating a method for you too.

To assist you in quickly creating an accurate model, QARC Systems provides a number of ‘farms’ containing Revit elements including:


The Walls Farm is a large collection of commonly encountered wall type as well as wall types using specific products from suppliers such as Weathertex, James Hardie and Carter Holt Harvey. The walls have appropriate materials applied so that your model looks accurate in all visual styles and when rendered.


The Roof Farm gives you all you need to model a roof. There are a number composite roofs (accounting for frame and battens) and single layer roof styles for both tile and sheet metal finishes. The material applied to the sheet metal roofs allows you to represent profiles from Lysaght, Fielders and Stramit, in a range of colours. To complete your roof, this farm includes timber and metal fascias, numerous guttering styles and ridge, valley, hip and barge cappings in metal and tile.


The Columns Farm includes architectural and structural columns.

Railings & Stairs

The Railings and Stairs Farm has a number of stair types created in sketch and by component and an extensive collection of railings. Also included in this farm are a number of awnings created as railings.


The Floors Farm provides various timber, tile, glass, concrete and composite floors with accurate materials applied for rendering and for effective modelling in all visual styles. This farm also includes a number of timber fascia and concrete slab edges for use in completing your model.


The Ceilings Farm provides numerous composite and single layer ceilings.


The Structure Farm is a collection of timber, engineered timber and steel beams, floor trusses and timber and steel roof trusses.


Displayed above is a selection of the many window families available to the ARC user. Windows are parametric, have material parameters for the various parts, swing indicators for plan and elevations and sills as appropriate. To tailor the appearance of your drawings, items such as swing indicators can be switched off if desired.

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