Steve Archibald

Building Designer, Graduate Architect at SS Archibuild, Warriewood, New South Wales

Thank god for the ARC Revit templates . . . I love them. Each time they are upgraded, it’s awesome. The more I use the ARC system, the more I like it.


Benefits to
SS Archibuild
of using ARC System

Thank god for the QARC Revit templates, I have gotten the hang of them and I love them.  Each time they are upgraded, it’s awesome. Thanks again.  The title blocks QARC did for me are really good too.  The more I use the QARC system, the more I like it.  The green notes and QA drafting views, is a standard way of doing things which I like and being ex-military I love a good checklist!

I did a DA for a heritage listed property in Darlinghurst, Sydney and found the template system a breeze to use (once I navigated correctly).

Steve Archibald

Building Designer | Graduate Architect

SS Archibuild

0421 550 092



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